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Tuesday, March 21, 2006


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Group defunct
StageCru was formed around 2001 with the members being:

Bill Leblanc-Backing Vocals, Piano & Guitar,
Blair Smith-Organ & Main Vocals
Len Hall-Drums & Vocals
Glenn Garnett-Guitar,
Larry Hattie- Bass Guitar,Backing Vocals
Carl Surette- Later to join in on Bass Guitar. (Larry again needed to move on)
Glen Thorbahn- Guitar, Backing Vocals...( to replace Glenn G.who later went "out west")

The group played around the Yarmouth area with good response from those who got
to know the group. The 350 year anniversary of the village of Pubnico was celebrated
by having StageCru play a New Years dance for the occasion. This turned out to be a great success. Following that StageCru played the Grand Hotel Convention Center for New Years 2003, and 2004, as well as dances throughout the months in-between.
The group finally disbanded in February 2005, when illness struck one of the members.
Many thanks to all that supported the group during our short time together.

Glen Thorburn,Blair Smith,Len Hall,Bill Leblanc,Carl Surette -2001 to 2005(thanks Bill Leblanc)

Glen Garnett original guitarist for StageCru


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