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Saturday, April 29, 2006

Burnt Black

Pic donated by Michelle Amirault

Thanks Neil MacKenzie

All you need to know about Burnt Black is they came and went, and left a trail of destruction in their path. In fact, you are standing in that trail of destruction right now. Burnt Black emerged from the murky depths of Yarmouth, Nova Scotia in 1994. Rural Nova Scotia’s first mosh pits were conceived almost immediately. And in the four years following Burnt Black rose to claim Halifax’s best attended performances.They recorded four CDs, toured Eastern Canada, and graced the screens of Much Music, and did so always amidst controversy. Burnt Black may have been ahead of their time, completely different than the East Coast pop and celtic scene, but their music had great impact on many outside this closed circuit.(Taken from Dependant Website)

thanks to Jane Robart
Thanks to Jane Robart
Thanks to Jane Robart

Brian Borcherdt - vocals/guitar
Adam Borcherdt - guitar
Neil MacKenzie - drums
Marcus Webster - bass


Anonymous said...

Any idea where to get the Burnt Black CD with crash, one in a million and Dancing Queen on it?
Would be very interested in purchasing it. It has hazard symbols on it. It may have been Independent.

KG said...

Sounds like you mean my friend Matthew my friend.. at least dancing queen..

Unknown said...

Dancing Queen was Burnt Black KG

Unknown said...

lol Burnt Black hahaha is Dancing Queen....