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Friday, May 19, 2006

Chunk of Funk

Chunk of Funk is:

Danny MacIsaac
Kim Anderson
Jamie McDonnell

The Chunk of Funk is a three piece band in Yarmouth, NS. Danny MacIsaac is the brainchild on the guitar and vocals. The band was created in the mid to later 90's, and originally consisted of Danny, his brother Mike (drums) and Tim D'Eon of Wintersleep (bass). A change took place and Bill Bullerwell (Phlegathon) took over the drums and Peter Keech (Phlegathon) took on the bass.
Now a few years later, Jamie MacDonnell is the groovy dude on the drums and Kim Anderson lays down the bass lines.
The COF is all about the GROOVE! If it ain't groovy, it's FUNKY! Although we don't consider ourselves a "dance band" per se, you can certainly "get up off that thing and dance till you feel better". Or you can sit back and take a listen. It is definitley music that makes you move.

Tim D'eon,Danny MacIsaac (thanks Kim Anderson)

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Unknown said...

One of my favourite Yarmouth bands :D