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Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Disgruntled Blues Band

(thanks Kim Anderson )
Kim Anderson,Scott Wyman,Danny MacIsaac
Danny MacIsaac
Danny MacIsaac
Danny hails from Yarmouth, Nova Scotia. Playing and singing the blues is his specialty and there is no other place that he would rather be than on stage. Give Dan an audience and he is at his best. For those who have been fortunate enough to catch one of his shows, they will agree that Danny can make the guitar walk, talk and scream the blues.

Danny has been all over Canada. He has played with some big names and small. He often has a story to tell about his times with Big John Little. John is from St.John, New Brunswick. Danny met him while in rehabilitation at a very young age. Big John is given a lot of the credit for Danny's professional start in life as a musician. Big John taught Danny how to be a pro on stage and how to play on the spot as well as many other musical and life lessons.
Danny has also played with Amos Garrett, Bill Dowey, Carson Downey, The late Rick Jeffery, Dutch Mason and many more.

Danny has had an influence on some of Yarmouth's finest over the years. Tim D'eon of Wintersleep was an original band member of one of Danny's first bands "Chunk of Funk". Danny led his young brother, Michael and his friendTimmy at the young age of 14 to the stage. With Michael on drums and Timmy on bass, they became the hot act in Yarmouth. Danny would hire some of the music students from the local school for a horn section and top his show off by adding some off the wall entrance to the stage... and the rest is history. Danny also partnered up with Billy Bullerwell and Pete Keech now members of Phlegethon for some musical ventures..or so I'm told. :-)
Scott Wyman
Scott Wyman is the drummer for the disgruntled blues band. He is the mastermind behind the name of the band and for a good reason....:-) Scott is a former bartender of the RedKnight Enterprises where he was known as the disgruntled bartender.
Scott originates from Yarmouth. He is the oldest son of Dr. C Wyman which Danny likes to mention a lot.
Scott played drums throughout his school years, playing in school band and attending band camps etc.. He has been a part of a few bands prior to finding his way in with the Chunk of Funk. As a matter of fact, Scotty and his good buddy, Jim Purdy, were the two original musicians who made up the disgruntled blues band with Danny. This was not an easy task as the Chunk of Funk was under the influence pretty much most of the time, again, hence the name, Disgruntled Blues band.
Kim Anderson,Danny MacIsaac

Kim Anderson made her debut to this world in Wolfville , Nova Scotia in the early 70's. Always listening to or singing along, Kim has had an unexplainable attachment to music. Dabbling with piano, guitar and mandolin, Kim didn't find an instrument that suited her until she was in her late 20's. At that time she got her first bass which was an upright bass. She played bluegrass and gospel for a few years before she met up with an old acquaintance... Danny MacIsaac...
Danny introduced Kim to an electric bass and over a few drinks explained to her what her old music teacher, Vic Mullen, had been trying to show her for some time. Although Kim was simply interested in learning more about playing, this quickly developed into a spot in the band playing bass. Lord help her...
Although still green, Kim has come a long way in a short period of time. She has learned many bass licks and can maintain her role in the three piece band. Whether it be R & B, rock or too Funky in here, Kim seems to have her own thing going on...
Kim's has always had a passion for music however, she has always been involved with horses. Travelling far and wide and competing at National levels, her heart is on a horse.

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