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Thursday, August 17, 2006


Capsized music entails an extreme intensity of agression and emotion which is well captured in their live performance. Capsized was formed in a little town located on the end of Nova Scotia, Canada. This quiet ocean town is known as Yarmouth. The town kept quiet with the sounds of rusty old fiddlers, and cliche rock n roll cover bands until heavy indie rockers burnt black, chiselhad, and kary created their own music scene. Soon after capsized errupted onto the Yarmouth indie scene. Capsized was formed in 2000 when four high school buddies decided to make a heavy garage rock band.

Capsized is:
Mike D'Eon - Lead Vocals, Guitar
Craig Oldford - Guitar
Shawn Leblanc - Bass
Cory LeBlanc (Gut) - Drums

thanks Trevor Murphy

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