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Tuesday, August 29, 2006


Kary is:

Paul Murphy, vocals/guitar
Tim D'eon, guitar
Mark D'eon, drums
Jesse Luke, bass

thanks Trevor Murphy

While the term “progressive” can bring to mind some sort of horrible seventies wizard rock, one can’t deny that the progressive element has helped current bands, like post rockers Do Make Say Think and heavy hitters Tool, pursue their organic and emotional landscapes. It is in a similar landscape where you will find Kary.

Formed in High School in the small town of Yarmouth, Nova Scotia, Kary have done little to tour into the outside world. Their shows have reached an almost mythical status (perhaps mythical like the beast that they are jokingly named after). Despite this low profile on the touring circuit, Kary have reached an international audience, one that is devout and cult-like.

They struck their first success on high profile web zines like the, where they were sited as one of the top ten indie bands of 2001, and deemed “criminally overlooked”. Since the release of their debut, the sound of beauty breathing, in 2001, Paul Murphy and Tim Deon branched into their new full time project Wintersleep. If one is familiar with the beauty of Wintersleep’s dynamic music one might take great excitement in knowing that Kary are very much Wintersleep’s ferocious cousin.

While this album is much Kary’s swan song they are guarenteed to far surpass the successes found in the past. With an amazing new video and ten of most brilliant songs to date Kary will finally find their “light”.

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