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Monday, September 04, 2006


Thanks Cheryll Rodgerson

4-Play was one of the premier "bar bands" in this end of the province during the '80's, playing a non-stop schedule of dates throughout the decade. The band loved it's audiences and the crowds loved the band. The music was a mix of classic rock, top 40 and original, and was just plain FUN! One of the many "feathers in the cap" of this band is being the first in SouthWest Nova Scotia to have a video played on "Much Music"

The band's original song "taste" recieved national airplay in 1986, thanks to Jim Grattan's promotional efforts. Jim began his production career as the band's full-time sound engineer, and took on the filming, production, and promotion of this video as a pet project.

The members were: Blair Smith lead vocals, keyboards

Glenn Thorbahn Guitar, vocals

Steve Churchill Bass, vocals

Rick Newell Drums, vocals

Rick Newell was loved by all who knew him, and unfortunately, he has since passed, but will never be forgotten.

Steve Churchill is living and working in the Ottawa area, still involved in music in various degrees.

Glenn Thorbahn remains active, currently with "The Platform Rockers"

Blair Smith, at the time of the writing, is unfortunately fighting cancer, and, although the odds seem stacked against him, he has on his side the hopes and prayers of the whole community, as well as an iron will and positive determination that is awe inspiring. We love him and wish him well.
On September 05, 2006 unfortunately Blair passed away. We all love you Blair.

Material and notes supplied by Glenn Thorbahn(thanks)

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