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Saturday, November 18, 2006

Eddy Bulls

Taken from website
In a cold Dartmouth basement, Eddybulls struck their first chord and have never slacked off or turned back. Low strung, heavy rock spiced generously with metal, punk and blues best describe their unique blend of clatter.

Hailing from all corners of eastern Canada Matt Gorman,Stephen MacDonald, Troy Wilson, Myron Cottreau and Peter Hubley (ex Burnt Black, Resin, Mitch Montana, Avacost, Weasle Faced Judge and Potbelly) Nod heads and pay homage to such bands as Queens of the Stone Age, Fugazi and the Melvins. Since their beginning in June 2003 Eddybulls has played dozens and dozens of shows and is currently working on a full length CD due for release in Winter 2005.

- - Eddybulls - -

Ryan Cook = Singer

Stephen MacDonald = Bass Guitar

Peter Hubley = Vocals

Matt Gorman = Percussion

Troy Wilson = Guitar/Backing Vocals

Myron Cottreau = Guitar/Backing Vocals

thanks Trevor Murphy

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