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Sunday, November 19, 2006

Healthy Collins

thanks Trevor Murphy

HEALTHY COLLINS and the End of Trans Fats Band care about the world… And this world is in terrible shape. Too much sugar, too many trans fats and not enough collard greens can be blamed for the global obesity epidemic. Healthy Collins and the End of Trans Fats Band are here to tell you to exercise properly and to count your calories carefully. Staring Sugar in the Face is a testament of our times. Finally, it brings the real issues to a mainstream audience – a group that grows fatter by the hour. Healthy Collins tackles the horrible atrocities of the white demon in songs like F*^k Sugar, at the same time searching for life-saving solutions in songs like Bok Choy. Collins also packs the political punch, blaming the fat men in suits we call the government for constantly feeding lethal amounts of trans fats to our youth (Trans Fat Death). A glorious mix of punk rock, and semi-spoken word, Healthy Collins and The End of Trans Fats Band leave you with no choice but to re-evaluate your diet. Do not be oppressed by the choices you’re given.

Band Members

Trevor Murphy
Healthy Collins Singer
Daikon Deon Guitars
Protein Pinky Drums

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