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Sunday, November 26, 2006

The Pleasant Valley Worship Team

The Pleasant Valley Worship Team

The people involved gave of their time and their talents each one brought their own gift and their own unique style . The musicians and the songwriters played a role in bringing about the CD but their were others with gifts and talents that played a large part ,such as those that gave funds to help produce the CD ,and others gave the art work for the front and back covers ,and still others donated from their business and their time ,it was truly a labour of love in order to bring honour and glory to The Lord God and to minister to the body of Christ through song .

Garth sings backup on many of the songs; Garth also plays the piano on many of the songs;and he wrote God Will Provide The Lamb.we are sad to announce that Garth will no longer be part of the worship team as He and Liane have taken another church and we will miss them

Liane does lead backup vocals Liane's harmony and rich vocals add the flavour for most of the songs .

Karen is lead singer and keyboard player. karen is no longer a part of the worship team ,as she and her husband have moved to the valley. karen is studying at acadia university to become a pastor ,also on the Cd Come Shine On Us and wrote 5 of the songs and collaborated on 3 other songs .

Rose is a member of the Pleasant Valley Worship Team and has written 5 songs on the Cd Come Shine On Us .

Burt is no longer a member of the worship team. He has also moved to the valley with karen his wife and now works and lives there. He is a singer with heart and soul and has passion for praising God In song.

Doug is a member of The Pleasant Valley Worship Team at our local church where he lends his gift in song as well as his other talents.

Twila sings and plays keyboard,Twila is no longer on the worship team as she now attends another church ,she also wrote The Gift You've Given Me .Twila 's love for music shows through her dedication and the songs she writes and sings.

Rob plays bass guitar on the cd. Rob is no longer on the worship team although he does play and sing somtimes at our church .Rob's love for music comes through loud and clear as he uses the gifts that God has given him.

Paul plays lead guitar on the cd . Paul also sings a duet with karen on one of the songs entitled I Will Walk. Paul also leads music at his local church .

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