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Thursday, November 02, 2006

Sleepless Nights

Taken from their MySpace
The Sleepless Nights perform dense yet ambient indie-rock under the influence of the Halifax scene, past and present. With multiple songwriters and vocalists The Sleepless Nights cover a lot of musical ground while maintaining a coherent sound. The tasteful playing aesthetic in The Sleepless Nights prevents the music from losing it's focus on songcraft.

The players in The Sleepless Nights are;
Aaron Wallace (guitar/vocals)Also of The Internet and Mass for Shut-ins
Pineau (Bass)Also of The Message Boards
Mary Cobham (drums)Also of the Maughams
Trevor Murphy (bass)Also of the Establishment
Josh Pothier (drums)Also of the Establishment
Matt Macdonald (keyboards/vocals)Also of the Superfantastics and SunlitTorches
Andrew Sisk (vocals/Percussion)Also of Share

thanks Trevor Murphy

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