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Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Bill Leblanc

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Bill LeBlanc- Every Little Bit Helps , Filmed/edited by James Ogden

"Over the years, Bill has worked in numerous Yarmouth based bands ie: MushRoom, Kanada, the Grinders, StageCru, Jazzotica, either on the keyboards, guitar, or bass guitar. working mainly in the South West Nova Scotia area. Currently he is now working as a solo performer booked under his name: "Bill LeBlanc." Playing mainly at Rudders brew Pub, in Yarmouth.NS. The songs on this page were written in 2006, with the most recent in 2009. Now working in his home music studio, he is once again writing songs, and plans for a second CD release in the spring/summer 2009.
You can reach Bill at
You can also check out an old site at,
And Remember keep live music alive "

"Hi everyone, after years of playing in numerous bands around The Yarmouth area and playing many, many cover tunes, I decided it was time to write and record a few songs of my own. So Between October 1, 2006 and December 10, 2006, I was very busy with writing and recording in my home studio. My CD is a 9 song Disc entitled "Doing Our Own Thing" with the songs being:

1. This Girl Rocks
2. Lets Run Away
3. Doing Our Own Thing
4. Dreams Come True
5. Not The Same
6. A Chance to Stay
7. I Called Your Number
8. By My Side
9. She Should Know

(Look for the mp3's on this site)

My Equipment list is: -Yamaha p-150 Stage piano
-O5R/W Korg sound module
-Fender Precision Bass guitar
-Godin Artisan TC Guitar
- Boss ME-50 multi effects pedal
-Shure beta 58A mics
-Cakewalk Pro 9 Multi track recording software
-Jammer Pro 5 software for Drums
- Digital Audio Editing Sound Forge 4.5 software

I played all instruments on the recording; except I use a drum program to create the drumbeats I wanted for each song.
I hope you enjoy the tunes and keep an eye out for the CD in the Yarmouth Area.
Thanks for looking at the Yarmouth Band Site, and Thanks to Lynn Hemeon as well.

~Bill LeBlanc

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