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Thursday, December 14, 2006

Glitter Cinnamon

Pics taken from website

Bio:(taken from website)
Mystical, melodic, and often times mythological are some of the ways one would describe the acoustic-based folk-like workings of Crystal Porters solo act Glitter Cinnamon. Named after a discontinued hard candy favoured by her significant other, Glitter Cinnamon compiles most of Porters work over the last few years, even more recently as her songs just seem to be coming out of the woodwork over the last few months. The songs are simple but not typical of the similar genre, often using a capo and playing chords more improvised than that commonly found in chord books. Even more striking than the unconventional chords used in her songs are the soulful vocal abilities of the young lady who has been often compared to the likes of Janis Joplin, along with a few of her other influences like Tracy Chapman and Jewel. Needless to say, you should be prepared to hear a powerful voice that rarely holds back or needs the aid of a microphone but at the same time preserving a soft gentle, heartfelt resonance not much louder than a whisper you would often expect from a female vocalist. Lyrically the songs maintain a mysterious nature, and often carry more of a mythological childlike theme than commonly written love songs. Though her songs are prominently acoustic-based, back-up session players referred to as the Candy Wrappers often play a roll in her live performance. Glitter Cinnamon is currently embarking on more stage time endeavours, and a debut album can be expected in the near future.

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