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Saturday, December 16, 2006

My Friend Matthew

Taken from web site
This Guitar-based rock trio (aka MFM) consists of belting melodies with unorthodox lyrics, over road-grating riffs (Mathew Bridgeo), riding on the consistent placement of low-end punctuality (Matthew Boudreau), and the addition of accentual slamming percussion (Jason Pothier). The band formed in Yarmouth, Nova Scotia, around late 1994. Working extra hard on originality they have written multitudes of songs and captured their sound, while keeping it fresh for the consistent growth of local visitors. In 1997 they released their first album "It's About Time", a 13 song LP which includes the tracks “Domesticated", "An Arms Length", and “A Mild Breeze”. Over the 2003 holiday season MFM’s second LP “Secret Handshake” was released. Including 20 songs, from the intense "In Short Beach" to the mellow and refreshing "Walk Behind", you’re sure to find something you like.

thanks Trevor Murphy


Anonymous said...

Just wanted to give a shout out to Matthew Bridgeo. Good music. I am a distant cousin who's family originated out of Nova Scotia, then to St John and later Woodstock, NB and on to the US. I am one of six Bridgeo brothers. We Bridgeos all originated out of the Channel Islands and came to the US in the 1700's before George Bridgeo went on to settle in Nova Scotia if you had not heard that.
Take care,

Dan Bridgeo (

Anonymous said...

Matthew Boudreau is my dad

Anonymous said...

Heya Matthew Bridgeo, you rock! Also, hi Dan Bridgeo. I'm a distant Bridgeo, too. A rare last name! I'd love to email you, Dan to talk about where we're all from. I'm one of the youngest female Bridgeos that I know of at 33 yrs. All my cousins are boys with male children. My grandfather was Leslie Bridgeo.

- Pamela Bridgeo