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Monday, January 29, 2007

Big Game Hunt

All info taken from their web site
Big Game Hunt is...
A four-piece stoner rock band formed in 2002. Big Game Hunt has a heavy sound rooted firmly in the sludgy foundations laid out by the Yarmouth metal scene. All the members have known each other for many years and have grown musically playing together and against each other in Yarmouth and around NS. The band is made up of Jordan Rose - Vocals Wayne Muise - Guitar, Roger Nelson – Bass and Matt Duncanson on the Drums.

The beginning of 2006 has seen the release of Big Game Hunt’s full-length debut album entitled The Gods Drink Whiskey. The album plays to a large mix of heavy music fans drawing on the origins of metal such as Black Sabbath and Led Zeppelin. Big Game Hunt mixes up heavy sounds with groove oriented riffs found in more modern bands such as Queens of the Stone Age and Tool. With a hard hitting rhythm section, seriously overdriven guitars and powerful "In Your Face" vocals based around a melody rather than screaming, Big Game Hunt is sure to make you stand up and take notice!

Big Game Hunt has traveled the Maritimes playing many shows with popular bands such as Iron Giant, Contrived, Bucket Truck, The Dean Malenkos, Kary and many more. With the release of their new album, BGH is ready to take their riff rock across country and borders to expose the masses to Nova Scotia’s own home-grown style of heavy groove.

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