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Saturday, January 13, 2007

Brad Wood

Brad Wood was born and raised in Yarmouth NS and now resides in Fredericton NB. He plans to make the journey back home to Nova Scotia shortly and check out the Halifax music scene. He began writing songs at age 16 and was in the band Plusmore for 2 1/2 years. Now on his own he is writing more seriously and recording his own music. "I have no expectations of being a huge star, I just write, record and perform my music and hope people enjoy themselves." Brad's, father Philip Wood is a musician as well and he draws a lot of inspiration from him and the rest of his family.
Living in Fredericton has not affected Brads deep roots in Nova Scotian culture. "Honest Living (The Fisherman's Song)" is written about and for all of the hardworking fisherman who wouldn't live life any other way, and "Once around" is written about his Great Grandfather (Gropere) and life in Pinkney's Point.
Brad has been keeping busy with music as a part time project for quite awhile now and plans to make the leap and release an album sometime in the very near future.

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