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Sunday, January 21, 2007

Muddy Shoes

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Some particulars on this version of Muddy Shoes.. Version 2 1980-81
The lineup. Wayne Johnson: Lead Vocals, Danny Landers:Guitar. Dave Roach:
Guitar.[guitar solo on sympathy for the devil]
Steve Ried: Bass Guitar. Rick Newell: Drums Percussion ,Vocals.Harold
Grandy: Drums Percussion, Harmonica, Vocals.
[lead vocals Sympathy For The Devil..] Recorded live at The Clipper Ship
Tavern Yarmouth, N.S. February or March 1981? (Thanks Harold Grandy)

Danny Landers..who now lives out
west, tells about the story on the growling pigs in that mp3 . Danny Landers writes:

I have to tell you the story behind the "Growling Monster Pigs"
sounds at the beginning of that Muddy Shoes mp3.
I was playing with the "Shoes" for their final 6 months after Rick
Muise left. We were setup at the Clipper to play. I'd had this
thought whenever we played "Sympathy For the Devil" that I'd like to
have these "monster noises" I had on an old "Sound Effects" album
blended in the PA when Dave Roach did his solos. I went to pickup
Arnie Pitman (when he lived in Sandford) and had the sounds on a
cassette. He loved it! Later on that nite when everyone was in the
"zone" the song came up on the list. As usual, I "sat out" on the
song. I went back to the mixer with Arnie and as Dave went into his
solo, Arnie bled it into the PA., good and loud. Look, it was
priceless! The looks on their faces, but no one missed a beat.
I'm sure Dave and the rest of the band, and the contents of the
Clipper thought it was right out of the Exorcist. Arnie was rolling
right out of his chair. Of course, the band went right into a quick
intermission after the song. Arnie and myself played dumb to it and
said out front we did'nt hear anything unusual. Finally and much
later we had to tell them.
We had lots of fun with that one!

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