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Wednesday, February 14, 2007


pictures and bio provided by Roy Leblanc (thanks)



This band started when Walter Parnell (Bass) and Roy LeBlanc in grade 11 at the Yarmouth High School in 1970 decided to form a R & R band (top 40 hits)
They were joined by Charles Moulaison (Drums) and Danny Barry (lead vocals)
The band then evolved to Bob LeBlanc who took over (bass),
Neil Parnell (Drums), Walter Parnell (keyboards) & Danny Barry (lead vocals)

The 1st gig was at the Wedgeport Legion
The band played mostly in the Yarmouth County area at the Lions, Officers Mess, The Colony, weddings/private parties and were the permanent house band at the Breamar Lodge for the summer season in 1972.
The band also played venues in Clare and the Canadian Forces base (Barcaro)
Over the next 5 years the core band members were Bob LeBlanc (bass), Roy LeBlanc (guitar), Neil Parnell (drums) & Danny Barry (lead Vocals)
For a short period of time Danny left for Ontario and was replaced by Kenny Saulnier. Bob Leblanc moved on to play with Hourglass and was replaced by Ben Morton. The band was also joined by Jim Morton (lead guitar) and Barb Muse would occasionally sing a few numbers. Danny returned to Yarmouth and joined the band again as lead singer.
Roy got a job with the Province and moved to Halifax but still came down to play with the band. Neil joined the RCMP and left for Regina. The band had a good 5 years of fun playing music in the Yarmouth area.

Where are they now??
Danny Barry, and Kenny Saulnier are in Yarmouth
Barb Muise is living in Ontario
Neil (RCMP) Sheet Harbour, Jimmy (Insurance) and Roy (NSGEU) are in Halifax
They are still playing regular gigs together and played in a group called Fossilrock for the last 5 years.
Ben Morton, also in Yarmouth recently passed away.
Bob Leblanc is somewhere in Saskatchewan, still in the music business and made an appearance on Corner Gas.

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Neil Parnell said...

Good job Roy in capturing what was a great five years and formed life long bonds of friendship and an opportunity to share together in times where we could enjoy playing music. We remember Ben Morton as you mentioned and in 2009 the passing of brother Walter. Coming back to NS in 1994 and re uniting was a thrill. We had some good times with Fossil Rock, Granted Band, and various versions of Crossroads with Brian Hubley, Peter Grant, Eric Marshall, and of course Sir Jim Morton. Best memories of our gig in 2010 at the Yarmouth Coal Shed Festival. Look forward to any time we can get together and share in what has been a life long passion, music. Keep Rockin... Neil