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Thursday, June 07, 2007

Wanted D.O.A.

Wanted D.O.A.", from Yarmouth, was active from 1988-1994. Originally started out as 2nd revision of "Rocket 58" with Gerard LeBlanc-drums & vocals, Chris Penney-guitar, computer keys, bass & vocals, and Mike Surette-lead guitar, comp.keys & vocals and Owen Muise-sound, lights and computer keyboard.
thanks Chris Penney
L to R Chris Penney, Ron Doucette and Mike Surette, from 88-90
1988 is the 1st lineup of the band with L to R Chris Penney, Greg Frampton, Jim McRae and Mike Surette
3rd revision of the band with Glen Boudreau taking the lead guitar spot

The final version of the band consisted of Chris, Ron and Owen, with Mark Thibault from St.Marys Bay on guitar and Len LeBlanc on drums and vocals.

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