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Sunday, June 10, 2007

Carl and Curtis

Carl and Curtis is:

Carl Surette – Guitar, Vocals and midi tracks

Curtis Le Blanc - Lead Vocals and Congas

They started the duo in 2004 when Carl called Curtis to ask if he would be interested. They had played together in a band called Exit 10 and knew their voices blended well. Carl is Carl Surette and had played in The Grinders, Stagecru and Jacob’s ladder to name a few. Curtis is Curtis LeBlanc and was an original member of Anonymous as drummer. He started singing in 1988 with Rawkus, then with a succession of bands: Exit 10, The Nudge and The Time Bandits

In Carl and Curtis they decided on focusing on 60;s, 70’s and 80’s rock with a little 50’s and country added in. The Band is still going strong and have played as far away as Halifax as well as the local scene.

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