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Thursday, December 13, 2007

Almost Forgotten Stories

Ray d’Entremont sent this to me referring to the Runic Stones and their mode of transportation, beginning with taking the boys to see the Cadillac hearse Jim Hall showed me. It was the perfect Bandmobile, low mileage and, with a coat of red paint, it would become our trade mark, and the object of much curiosity from roving press during our Maritimes Tour in 1965; anyway, Don stuck his head in the back and announced he wouldn’t set foot in it because it smelled of dead people. We promptly explained to him that he might be smelling flowers, or even formaldehyde, but it wasn’t dead people. A little time . . . a little begging . . . a little peer pressure . . . and the reality that we couldn’t afford anything else set in, and Don finally came around. We thought it was roomy, but today it wouldn’t even hold a PA system, and who could afford the gas at 6 miles to the gallon.

The guys from the Runic Stones will remember (so will the fans) the ever popular and easily identifiable red and black ten ton hearse. When they visited the Valley we all joined forces to enjoy the attention. I believe the old machine got a severe crack in her mid rift and was laid to rest on a rock pile somewhere on the south shore. Good memories in that buggy...(Thanks Lloyd Smith )

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