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Sunday, December 09, 2007


The E-sharps represented Yarmouth in the Nova Scotia Talent Competition and won the right to represent the province at the nationals which were held in Halifax. They were unique in that they were strictly an instrumental band and all lead parts were performed on either saxophone or trombone. They did not use a guitar. There were typically six musicians/instruments; sax, trombone, trumpet, electric bass, keyboard and drums.

The band played variations of rock and pop tunes from the sixties and seventies, big band numbers and some original content. This was unusual since all members of the band were under 16 years old when the band started in the late nineties. They were the first musical act to play at the Mariner's Centre when it first opened.

Once the members graduated high school in 2002 and moved on to university, the band broke-up. (thanks
Gordie Thompson )

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