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Saturday, January 19, 2008

Tyler Burke

At the age of 6, Tyler received a Mickey Mouse acoustic, which his parents lined the neck with the money he received for his birthday. The seed was planted.
Several Years later, Tyler bought his first electric guitar; a Profile, Strat knockoff. The intonation was off terribly, but it helped to make his fingers strong. About a year later, he bought a second Strat knockoff, this time a white Sammick. He spray painted it green, and changed the tuners with B.C. Rich tuners. The guitar is now in the possession of his Best Friend, Robin W. (who tells him that it doesnt stay in tune).
His 3rd guitar, he bought from Pat Sweeney. It was a Jay Turser Semi Hollow Bodied guitar. Around the same time, he bought a Washburn Flying V (which is still in his possession today!!) and a Cherryburst, Les Paul Special II (which was bought from a friend, played, then sold to Corey Hatfield; a mutual friend of He & Pat Sweeney). Tyler has also owned several small practice amps and stomp boxes, over the years (Traynor and Crate amps; Danelectro and Boss pedals). He is now in the possession of a 10 watt Kerry King Marshall; Never has a practice amp sounded so good!!
Tyler has never been in an official band, but he has jammed with several of his friends (Bud, MaGoo, Joe Muise, and many others) over the years. Starting in Jr High, where he got his first amp and guitar, he learned and listened to many bands that helped him shape the sounds that he still listens and plays today. His most major
influence was Slayer, who's album Divine Intervention, set the boundries of what heavy metal is; brutal and violent. Since then, his tastes in other genres, has broadened and blossomed; which will help him in the future, as he records and continues to play what he hears in his head.

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