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Thursday, April 24, 2008



September 2001- January 2008

In September 2001 Joey Bones was on house arrest. bored, he called Bud Ogden and told him
to bring over some thing amusing. Bud brought 2 keyboards and a tape recorder. they made
experimental,almost cartoonish, music under the name Trevory and from 2001 to 2005 they made horrible quality casette recordings with repititious drum tracks. In 2006 they made a 10
song CD called Slide It In! In 2007 they made another 10 song cd called Cinnamon Flavour.
The 2 CD's displayed a more tolerable and diverse side to the band. however Trevory's lyrics
were very strange and made no sense. in January 2008, due to personal conflicts, Joey and
Bud decided that Trevory should come to an end.

An odd duo:

Joey Bones - Keyboards, Vocals
Bud Ogden - Keyboards, Vocals

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