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Friday, May 09, 2008


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Balky is:

Bill Crowell
Bud Ogden

Bill Crowell met Bud Ogden in 2004. Through various discussions they agreed that they were getting bored with music that had typical structure. They also hated how bands will latch on to a style to get popular regardless of how out of charecter and dishonest it is. Thus BALKY was born in the spring of 2008. Taken from the name of a charecter from the sitcom, PERFECT STRANGERS, Balky attempts to structure songs in a unique manner. The lyrics come from personal opinions and local stories. With influences from MR. BUNGLE and PINK FLOYD to THE TRAGICALLY HIP and TOOL, Bill and Bud believe musical creativity is limitless.

Due to a "yoko ono" situation, Balky called it quits in the spring of 2009. Just one year after forming.

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