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Sunday, May 25, 2008

Bud Ogden

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Born on October 22 1982, Bud learned at an early that he loved art, poetry, and music. He attempted to learn how to play the violin at age 4 after his father bought him one. Less than a month later, his sister broke it. Throughout his childhood, Bud experimented with keyboards. At age 11, he began messing around with a beat up acoustic guitar that was kicking around his house. Not long after, he decided that he wanted to be a guitar player. At age 14, he got his first electric guitar. At age 15, while in junior high, he played sloppy, grunge-styled guitar in a four-piece band called Griffon. That same year, he began taking guitar lessons. The sessions were cut short when he quit out of fear that his guitar instructor was hitting on him. At age 16, Bud formed a trio called Lunacy, where he played guitar and sang. He found it difficult to play and sing. The result was "a horror for the eardrums!" Once in high school at the age 17, Bud pulled together another four-piece group called Lo Life. He was the vocalist, but his singing skills were still quite poor. In 2001about a month before his 19th birthday, Bud formed a two-piece group, with a now former friend, called Trevory. The project lacked guitars and was often described as noisy, humorous, or just plain annoying. In early 2005, Bud played guitar in a trio with Tim Barrager on bass and Adam Trask on drums. The band became known as Sitcom Pilot, which was a name thought up by the drummer. The music of Sitcom Pilot was described as "art rock/avant garde." In 2006, Bud collaborated on an experimental project with Tyler Burke known as Baxterthefly. That same year, Bud had finally begun recording solo material which would continue to this day. In 2007, Bud worked with a group of musical rookies on another guitar lacking project titled: Pandi Cakeva. While still working on solo music, Bud teamed up with Bill Crowell in 2008 to create the diverse project, Balky. Today, Bud remains in love with making music by any means necessary. He draws his inspiration from his personal thoughts, his imagination, and whatever goes on around him.


faith no more, soundgarden, the mars volta, legohead, tool, pink floyd, melvins, primus, led zeppelin, mr. bungle, shadirpruf, the dillinger escape plan, radiohead, smashing pumpkins, fantomas, the doors, slayer, boredoms, jimi hendrix

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