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Saturday, May 03, 2008

Jason Saulnier

Taken from Myspace
Hailing from Saulnierville, Nova Scotia, Canada, He started playing drums at the age of 6 and playing guitar at 8 after discovering Adrian Smith of Iron Maiden. At the age of 14 he formed his first band. “High Voltage” Playing mostly the school gymnasium and house parties in the region. Most of all the members of High Voltage ended up still playing music to this day and some of them playing with great bands. From 1994 to 2005 has hosted a heavy metal radio show (GTMO) every Thursday evenings on CIFA 104.1FM with lots of interesting guest on the phone line for interviews. In 1999, Jason joined the band “Yukon Jack” as a bassist and since then has always been called to play bass for lots of projects because of his big bass lines and power delivered to the music. 2002, was the year Jason auditioned to become “Our Lady Peace’s” new guitar player they were supposed to hire a guy from Canada but ended up with a guy from Detroit. In February 2003, Jason came in contact with Canada's legendary group “Trooper” to become there 11th drummer but it never panned out even though 4 months later he joined forces with “Borderline” as their new drummer until September 2004. Also in 2003, Jason was in contact with “Seasons Of The Wolf” and was asked to audition for the possible position of new bassist but due to location and University work never made it down to Florida that year to join the band. March 2004, showed the same fate when Jason was in contact with Montreal's “Necronomicon” as bassist but due to location and work it never happened. In 2004, Jason joined forces with guitar legend from North Carolina, Robin Dellinger ex. member of “Johnny Paycheck” & “D. J. Fontana ex. Elvis Presley drummer” to play the circuit in Nova Scotia weekly this lasted until 2006. In 2005 until 2006, Jason joined international touring group “Blou” and embarked on a North American tour as guitarist and appeared in numerous newspapers and TV appearances in that time span. Also from 2005 to 2007 Jason played in numerous shows and big venues for “The Emotional Junkies”. In 2006, Jason played with “Tickled Pink” Myra LeBlanc’s band. From 2006 to now Jason plays with “Poison Cherry” a 80’s metal band covering all the greats and with “Hard 2 Handle” band with currently 3 singles in the East Coast Charts. He also gets lots of calls for studio work and being a hired gun to learn tons of songs in only hours. Also appears on more then 20 albums. Over 400 gigs played in career all documented. On top of these accomplishments, Jason has played significant festivals in Canada and in the United States. Bands Jason played or is playing in Poison Cherry (2006-present), Hard 2 Handle (2006-present), Paul Lombard Band (2007), G-Strung (2006), Tickled Pink (2006), Les sapins verts (2006-2007), The Emotional Junkies (2006-2007), Danny MacIssac Band (2006), Bo Travis Band (2006), E. Frank Murphy (2006), BLOU (2005-2006), Bill d’Entremont (2005-2006), The Wrongfully Accused (2005), Robojapanet (2005), Johnny Two Step & The Diamond Spades (2005), Street Band (2005), High Octane (2004), Borderline (2003-2005), Ozone (1994), High Voltage (1991-present)

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