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Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Kate Surette

Kate Surette is a talented and spunky singer/songwriter from a small town Yarmouth, Nova Scotia. She puts a twist on her Folk Rock genre with her original "burnt sugar" vocals and her uniquely written story telling songs. She started playing the piano when she was twelve and she naturally starting writing songs when she got her first guitar at age sixteen. Kate built her fan base by playing at various open mics around Yarmouth. Shortly after she started performing, she was noticed and started getting asked to play at the hot spot venues around town. From Minor Music to New Years Levees, Kate has partaken in various events in her hometown. In 2008, Kate found her home at Harmony Bazaar Festival of Women and Song. It was there where she met some of the most inspirational women in her musical career like Irish Mythen and Christine Crawford. These women inspired her to be herself and stay true to her music. Kate continues to participate in fundraisers and shows hosted by Harmony Bazaar. After completing her first year of Human Services at the Nova Scotia Community College, Kate decided to move to Halifax, NS to further her musical career. She wanted get out of Yarmouth and broaden her horizons by indulging herself in a more epic and cultured music scene. Since moving, Kate has decided to take the Music Arts program this fall at NSCC. She is currently involved in SMU’s Women’s Centre’s FemFest. She also has a few shows coming up in Halifax, Shelburne, and Yarmouth. She has recently been working on a demo and plans to record an EP in the near future. She has some very exiting experiences coming up and is motivated to concentrate solely on her music. She states that “True musicians like myself, the people who are born with music ingrained in them, will never be entirely happy unless that is what they are doing. So that is what I plan to do.”

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