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Sunday, August 03, 2008

Ambient Delivery

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A lot of the sounds you hear on the Ambient Delivery tracks
are based around Yarmouth & its surrounding areas.
I've always felt that inspiration should come from whats around you;
which is why i have a lot of tracks with ocean waves & nature sounds.
You may find some songs that may sound incomplete, (such as Ocean
Coils; Bill!!!) but was written & recorded to sound as if the engines in a
fishing vessel were turned off, coasting on the open ocean. So please
don't be so quick to judge, you may be wrong!!! So on that note,
I'd to to thank those of you who enjoy my music; its a labour of love
and fun way to make a boring day exciting.
Much appreciated, Ambient Delivery :)

Ambient Delivery was created by the unpredictable & often uncontrolable
mind of Tyler Burke. Through the past 9 months to the present, he has
recorded some very strange and emotional music.
MAJOR music influnences;
Big Game Hunt, Christopher Robin Device, Burnt Black, Shadir Pruf
Capsized, Contrived, the Melvins, Pink Floyd, the Doors, Jimi Hendrix,
C.C.R, Slayer, Gojira and Balky.
All music is instrumental & composed by:
Tyler Burke -Guitar, Bass & Burly Tree- Backgrounds, Ambience
(Here Are some poems to read while Listening to the music.)
---------SLUDGE & BLOOD----------------------
(Devil's NIght)
lure with scents sweet smell of death
upwind of prey breatheless rest
blasts of thunder flash of lights
bodies fall on Devil's NIght
limbs hacked off from joint to joint
skin sliced off from back to front
face peeled back your skull revealed
hung from tree your blood is spilled
gunned down chased and killed
blood and sludge
gunned down chased and killed
bludgened loss
carcass cleaned no meat on bones
intestines pulled, disemboweled
Putred smell of crimson blood
Thy Flesh consumed by cannibals
ravaged by wolves
human remains
feasted by crows
blood stains
Gunned down chased and killed
gunned down chased and killed
----------LIFE'S LABYRINTH----------------------

Walk the path, through the doors of uncertainty.
See what it is that sets you apart.
See the changes within your dreams.
Another door opened, a new start.
The walk should be fulfilling & long.
Follow the Golden string to your heart.
Let nothing stop you from reaching goals.
seek the end that justifies your passion.

So gear up for the ride of your life.
Travel the road for a thousand miles.
Find the one who holds the key.
Turn the handle to open wide.
Step through and enter a new world.
A new life, no need to lie.
Fired up, the Engine's rolling.
Travel the road for a thousand miles.

Smokeless days, filled with laughter.
Pictures worth a thousand words.
Entertainer, or Philosopher?
Angel of Sin, Devil's Daughter.
Find the one who seeks the key.
Turn the handle to open wide.
Step in the center & close the door.
New life, new ways, more smiles.

Gear up for the ride of your life.
Travel the road for a thousand miles.
Fired up, the Engine's rolling.
Rode this Highway a thousand times.

-------------High Times on HAllowed ground---------------
Can't escape the Pain we feel
numbed with drugs, mind can't deal

sit and smoke to free yourself
everyday theres something else
time drags on, mistakes were made
money lost, now nothing's safe
lie and steal, hide and sneak (pre-chorus)
High times on hallowed ground you seek

smoke yer shit 'til you can't breathe (chorus)
lungs are black,dark shade of green (quiet part)
brain is shot, whats left is fuzz (x2)
all you seek is another buzz

days are numbered, time is short
what they seek is another snort
blast for blast, toke for toke
trade yer life for some useless coke

can't stand what i've become
want it gone, I AM DONE!!
all this shit is a waste to me
no more dependancy

lie and steal, hide and sneak (pre-chorus)
High times on hallowed ground you seek

smoke yer shit 'til you can't breathe (chorus)
lungs are black,dark shade of green (x2)
brain is shot, whats left is fuzz
all you seek is another buzz

NO MORE HIGH TIMES ON HALLOWED GROUND (outro; sang in one word phrases)

---------------HUMAN NATURE----------------------------------------
Waring factions on borderlines; Fighting for Jihad
Explosions by terrorists; Gov't Propaganda
Violence streams from pain; A life that is unjust
In a world of ignorance; Feuled by hatred, fear,and lust.
Branded by the people, Who fear and run away;
Wouldn't last a second; Amongst the heat of day.
Soldiers leave their familes; A war they wish would end.
Millions crossed the battlefield; Never to be seen again.

I do no fear the Muslims; For they are people too
I do not fear their way of life; Or what they choose to do.
Those of you who read this; In your hearts you know is true.
For a place that is not peacefull; Survivals nothing new.
Praying hands and bowwing heads; Show the peacefull side.
Living poor and fearfull; In their homes they have to hide.
They do not wish to fight with us; Nor for us to die.
For more civillians are killed each day; More families left to cry.

Death for Death, kill for kill; They strive to end the war
Bodies lie across the seas; Never ending gore.
But yet they keep them going; Fighting for their oil.
For those of them that fight with us; Are dying more and more.
For you see its only power; Money, Oil and wealth
They do not care for the rest us; Our lively hood, our health.
what they seek and what they crave; Land that can be bought
A thousand years of bloodshed; Is the only thing they've got.

It's in our nature to destroy ourselves; The world will see our death
Polution, Greed and Destruction; Water is all thats left.
AS time goes on, the Earth will flood; Showing what has passed.
Freezing cold temperatures; Like dinosaurs, now we rest

-----------------DARKEST DEEP DEPTHS ;---------------------------------------
Sinking into the sea; The ocean swallows the dragger
In the pre-dawn darkness; Water filled their vessel.
Two of three things that night; Did not make the return.
Their fish and the ship; Sink to the ocean floor.
Waves were sloppy, and they knew it was coming; Yet time was of the essence.
Not wanting to leave their ship; They fear for of their salvation.
Floating in survival suits; they fear the waves of death.
For the raft thats meant to save a life; Almost stole their breath.
Banging into the boat; Raft was gettting stuck.
Under the A-frame and the Wheelhouse; "Time to get the hell out!!"
Wave swells crashing; hard for them to see.
Captian Saulnier only saw two of them; He knew that there was three.
"He couldn't find Matt and that was killing him;
He could hear Colin; But not Matt's hollering."
The Crew of three left the sea; Saved by the Midnight Mariner.
At two P.m, the following day; The crew of two reached the shore.
Captian Phillips was hoisted; Onto the Cormorant Chopper.
With lungs filled with diesel and water; He was flown to the Yarmouth Hospital
Sinking into darkness; In sloppy seas they're sucked.
To them it was a fearfull night; Scared their lives were lost.
To some people around the world; They would feel distraught.
Something was on their sides that night; 'Cause These lads have some luck.

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