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Friday, September 05, 2008

Bill Bullerwell

William Bullerwell was born in Yarmouth NS and played drums since age 12 , going on his 20th year.... Bill played with Dan Macissac with The Chunk of Funk ( Dan, Peter Keech, Brian Doane), played with Phlegethon ( Matthew Bridgeo, Craig Harris, Peter Keech, Brian Commaou) , and Dress Code Casual (Matthew Bridgeo, Craig Harris) He also played with Ryan Cook for a while when he was getting started and did a bit of touring and recorded his first album . Bill appears on three cd's with his band- Phlegethon, Dress Code Casual, Ryan Cook.. He has done studio recordings and played with other bands, including the Trews, Ashley Macisaac, and Natalie Macmaster. He is currently in the studio with his new band "High Sobriety"
Bill is actually a better bass player then a drummer, and started off on guitar. He has been playing guitar longer then on the drums, and is expecting to have an accoustic guitar and nature cd released hopefully before Christmas. Bill is also a professional wildlife artist, and took a few months and travelled to Vancouver BC and back to Halifax, sketching the landscape and painting wildlife along the way. His new book (published by Nimbus will hopefully be out next in the spring)

Wildlife Brushstrokes(click image)

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