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Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Suzette Belliveau

Suzette Belliveau was born on September 22nd 1989, in Yarmouth NS. Her whole life she has lived in Amirault’s Hill and is now a student at Saint Mary’s University in Halifax NS. Ever since Suzette was a little girl she had been singing Country Music and at the age of 9 her parents bought her a karaoke machine and Shania Twain karaoke CD for Christmas. Since that moment she begin singing at her local festival during the summer, once in Grade 9 she became a SARMU member until Graduation in 2007. At 19 years of age Suzette came in contact with Delbert Bourque who aided and encouraged her in making a Country album and invited her to play with his band “Delbert Bourque & Friends” when she would be home from University throughout the summer months. Suzette sings every second Friday at the Club Acadian in Eel Brook and will be performing throughout the summer months with Delbert and his band at various shows. Her album is set to be released June 5th 2009 - the release party will be held at the Club Acadian in Eel Brook at 7.30pm.

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