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Sunday, March 04, 2012

Bocephus Blue and The Tragic Love Song Band

Bocephus Blue was born and raised on a family-owned dirt farm in Fort Worth, Texas in 1977. Bocephus relocated to Nova Scotia, Canada shortly after attending the 27th Annual Fort Worth Ukulele Festival where he met Yarmouth County native Nigel d'Eon, who was headlining the show. Within weeks of his own arrival to the province, Bocephus formed The Tragic Love Song Band along with new friend Nigel who performs ukulele and backing vocals. Rounding out the rhythm section is Chad Brannen on drums and backing vocals whose skills assure the intensity and dramatic edge to the collective, and Morgan d'Entremont on backing vocals and bass - the presence of which has been described as 9/11 on 4 strings. The debut album by the group entitled Bocephus Blue & the Tragic Love Songs was produced by Logan Lombard via Sleepy Mobile Recording Facility and also features vocals by the lovely and talented Ingrid d'Eon as well as vocals, guitar, and fiddle by acclaimed tattooist Luke Dedman.

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